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st: Checking Tobit Normality Assumption

From   "Anthony T. Milanowski" <>
Subject   st: Checking Tobit Normality Assumption
Date   Fri, 14 Jun 2002 09:50:40 -0500

Has anyone developed a procedure in STATA to check the normality assumption when using the Tobit model? I am aware of a rather elaborate procedure in LIMDEP, but I don't have that package.

I have survey data on the annual salary that respondents would require to make a certain career choice. The data is both top and bottom censored. I know I could also analyze this data using oprobit, but I'd like to keep the more natural interpretation allowed by the Tobit coefficients for my application.

Much thanks for any suggestions.

- Tony Milanowski
Associate Researcher
Wisconsin Center for Education Research

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