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st: thanks and summing up

From   Preeti Rao <>
Subject   st: thanks and summing up
Date   Fri, 14 Jun 2002 16:17:42 +0530 (IST)

I am not very sure if i am supposed to sum up. But i would like to do so
and also thank for the instant helpful replies i got inspite of my queries
being "newbie" type. 

Thanks a lot, Richard Sperling and Kit Baum. They helped dispel my
confusion regarding tsset command, prior to the dfgls command. I was
trying to tsset the variable for analysis and not the time variable. Both
of them advised me to the following prior to running the dfgls command:
gen t = _n (presuming your data are already sorted by date, and you do not
have a variable named t)
tsset t

Thanks very much, Nick Winter. I wanted to run the Lomodrs function for
100 variables and was trying to write a .do file for it but instead i just
ran it alongwith "forval". As suggested by Nick,

you could do the loop with numbers rather than variables:

        forval v=1/100 {
            lomodrs var`v'
This worked. Thanks.

Preeti Rao		

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