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st: RE: Bootstrap Commands - References

From   "Steichen, Thomas" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Bootstrap Commands - References
Date   Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:09:40 -0400

Ibrahim -- 

There is not a single source that lists all the statistics
that can be used with -bs-.  Instead, you should directly run the 
command to be bootstrapped and then list the returned values...
The following commands will show the possibilities:

 . macro list
 . return list
 . estimates list

Remember also that you can also define expressions calculated
from return values to be used with -bs-.

For -anova-, the more useful stats will be found in -estimates-,
but you might also consider the -test- command that can be run
after an anova.  It might directly give you the statistic you 
really want to bootstrap.


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From: Al-Zakwani, Ibrahim [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 8:45 AM
Subject: st: Bootstrap Commands - References

Dear Colleagues,
Could anyone direct me to references where I could find detailed 
commands to use with the bs command in Stata? eg. _b (for regression), 
r(mu) (for ttest), etc.. I am trying to find the bs command to use 
with ANOVA.....but I am not in luck yet..
Thanking you in advance...
Ibrahim Al-Zakwani, MSc, MRPharmS
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