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Re: st: Second Repost "Simple Cases of Multi-Level Models"

From   Richard Goldstein <>
Subject   Re: st: Second Repost "Simple Cases of Multi-Level Models"
Date   Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:22:36 -0400

Since the quote is from a talk I gave, I note to the list that in
email, prior to Sam writing to Statalist, I told him that I thought he
had a 3-level model (there are 2 time points).

Rich Goldstein

SamL wrote:
> My question concerns the XT series of models in STATA.  My question is
> whether the XT series allows one to treat second-level variation as
> something to study, rather than simply as a nuisance to be controlled.
> Given my interest in the former, I read with interest the
> presentation/paper titled "Simple Cases of Multi-Level Models" by Richard
> Goldstein at a STATA Users Group Conference, which seemed to suggest that
> the XT series may meet my needs.  I presume attending would have clarified
> my question, but given that I was not there I have a question.
> My question probably flows from the many different meanings that are
> floating around for the terms that are in use in different disciplines.
> I am specifically interested in the statement on a slide from the talk,
> that reads "I know that the following is true for at least some of the XT
> models and I believe it is true for all of them: they can be used to
> analyze any two-level random intercept model."
> My aim is to estimate a model of the following form:
> Pr(Y_ij=1) = b1_j White1_ij + b2_j Black1_ij + b3 X1_ij + b4 X2_ij + e_ij
> b1_j = g01 + g11 Z1_j + g21 Z2_j + d1
> b2_j = g02 + g12 Z1_j + g22 Z2_j + d2
> b3_j = g03
> b4_j = g04
> In this model the Zs are measured at the higher level; there are a few
> dozen higher-level entities and lots and lots of lower-level units.  The
> aim is to estimate the "effect" of Zs on the black and white intercepts.
> That's the set-up.  The questions: can this be estimated using the "XT"
> models in STATA?  And, if so, how?
> Thanks for any references to GLLAMM, but I am familiar with GLLAMM.  Any
> insights on this in terms of the XT series of models are greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks a bunch.
> Sam
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