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st: Re: Memory Settings

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   st: Re: Memory Settings
Date   Sat, 08 Jun 2002 20:03:02 -0500

Scott Watermasysk ( wrote
> I am using Stata V 7 on a machine with 2 gigs of Ram.
> My dataset is about 0.8 gigs.
> For some reason (using windows XP), I can't set the memory more than 1.3
> gigs, and Stata won't let me open the file because it says there is not
> enough memory available.

The maximum theoretical amount of memory a process can use on
a 32-bit Windows machine is 2 GB.  However, Windows typically
will not give that much memory to any given process.  In our
testing on various computers with nothing else running other
than the operating system and a simple memory-allocation application,
we have seen Windows top out at anywhere from 1.2 to 1.6 GB on
a machine with 2 GB of RAM.

Scott does not mention whether his .8 GB dataset is already
in Stata .dta format or if it is ASCII text that he is trying
to read into Stata with insheet, infile, or infix.

If it is already in .dta format, then I would think that it would
fit into a Stata with 1.3 GB of memory allocated to it, but would
need to see more details about the contents of the dataset including
number of variables, number of observations, and variable types.

If the data is in ASCII text format, it may be that the variable
types being used to read in the data are such that it would occupy
much more than .8 GB of memory once loaded.

In either case, if Scott continues to have problems, he should
contact Stata tech support at with as
much information about the dataset as possible so that they can
help him work with it on his machine.

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