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st: avoiding rounding when using -outsheet-

From   Dean Yang <>
Subject   st: avoiding rounding when using -outsheet-
Date   Fri, 07 Jun 2002 12:27:49 -0400

Can anyone tell me how to keep my data from being rounded to 3 significant figures when exporting my data from Stata using -outsheet-?

For example, I have an item of data which is 531,123,435 (531 million, 123 thousand, and 435). When I use -outsheet- to create an ASCII file of the data, this data point becomes 531,000,000 in the ASCII file.

The variable storage type is numeric (double).

What is going on? How can I keep the data from being rounded without exporting the data as a string variable?

Thanks in advance,
Dean Yang
Dean Yang
Ph.D. Candidate, Economics
Harvard University

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