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st: noconstant (fixed effects models)

Subject   st: noconstant (fixed effects models)
Date   Sex, 07 Jun 2002 0:42:21 GMT

Dear statalisters,

 I have a question about fixed effects models using the xtreg
command.  One, I am having difficulty getting the regression done with 
the noconstant option.
I want to obtain the values of the parameters group 1, group 2 and 
group 3(individuals effects) using the command xtreg without the 
constant term of the equation

I have had no success when using the equations bellow without a 
constant and no had success

When I make this regression, the program STATA 7.0 removes from the 
results one of the parameter of the groups. I would like that it left 
the results the parameter period 1 or period 9, and no one of the 
parameters of the groups. I want to have control on that result. How to 
do it?

xtreg lw group1 group2 group3 period8 exp exp2 ocupation childrens 
regions if men==1, fe i(period) noconstant

or use

xtreg lw period1 period2 period3 period4 period5 period6 period7 
period8 periood9 exp exp2 ocupation childrens regions if men==1, fe 
i(group) noconstant

groups are individuals effects (represents the intercepts)
group1=22 at 32 ages of years
group2=33 at 43 ages of years
group3=44 at 54 ages of years

period1 at period9 are specific effects of the time.

Prof. Dr. Paulo R. A. Loureiro
Universidade Católica de Brasília -UCB
Brasília-Distrito Federal-Brazil

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