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st: RE: Stata programming and the scalar/tempname command

Subject   st: RE: Stata programming and the scalar/tempname command
Date   Thu, 6 Jun 2002 11:15:37 -0400

> From: Anna-Lisa Pierre []
> Hi this is a bit of a programme that I am writing. Can anyone 
> spot why it 
> does not work? The scalar commands do not appear to work. I get the 
> following error "= invalid name" and "unrecognized command:  
> scalar__0000OP" 
> when I run the programme. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I didn't notice in my earlier posting that you had in fact two error
messages.  You may want to -set trace on- and open a log in text format,
then run your program so we can see at which specific line the "=invalid
name" error is occurring.  You can cut and paste the log in your email but
please don't send it as an attachment.

Also, pasting the whole code of your program might help since we can't tell
from your email what macro `*' may or may not contain.

Pat Joly
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