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st: Stata programming and the scalar/tempname command

Subject   st: Stata programming and the scalar/tempname command
From   "Anna-Lisa Pierre" <>
Date   Thu, 06 Jun 2002 14:38:25 +0000

Hi this is a bit of a programme that I am writing. Can anyone spot why it does not work? The scalar commands do not appear to work. I get the following error "= invalid name" and "unrecognized command: scalar__0000OP" when I run the programme. Any help is greatly appreciated.

tempname catnum degreef obs
tempvar scoreqq scor_uqq scor_nqq diffqq1

noisily oprobit `*' `if' [`weight'`exp']

scalar `catnum'=e(k_cat)
scalar `obs' = e(N)

predict `scoreqq' `if', xb
ge `scor_uqq' = `scoreqq'
replace `scor_uqq' =. if `1'==.
ge `scor_nqq' = `scor_uqq'
replace `scor_nqq' = `scor_uqq' - _b[`2'] if `2'==1
replace `scor_uqq' = `scor_nqq' + _b[`2'] if `2'==0

ge `diffqq1' = normprob(_b[_cut1]-`scor_uqq') - normprob(_b[_cut1]-`scor_nqq') if `1'~=.

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