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st: Stata and Limdep

Subject   st: Stata and Limdep
From   Shige Song <>
Date   Thu, 06 Jun 2002 02:14:22 -0700
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Dear All,

I was wondering how many people here use both Stata and Limdep. I try to
compare the results of survival analysis using both packages and get
quite different results. For parametric models, I compared loglogistic,
lognormal, weibull, and exponential. The results are quite different
except the weibull. For cox regression, the difference is not as big as
in the parametric case but still significant enough. I am not sure why,
but my suspicion is that these two packages parameterize the results

I am not going to jam this list by the long output. If anyone can help,
please contact me and I will provide further details. Thanks in advance!

Shige Song
Department of Sociology, UCLA
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