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Stat/Transfer by Circle Systems

Ever had a colleague send you an XYZ file that you wanted in ABC format—say, an SPSS file that you wanted in Stata format or vice versa?

Stat/Transfer makes it easy to move data among the different spreadsheet and statistical programs by providing a fast and reliable way to convert files from one format to another.

Stat/Transfer was developed by Circle Systems, Seattle, Washington, and may be purchased through StataCorp.

Stat/Transfer 12 supports all Stata datasets, from Stata 1 through the current release—Stata 13.

Stat/Transfer 12 is available for Windows (both 64-bit and 32-bit), Mac OS X, Linux (both 64-bit x86 and 32-bit), and Solaris.

Stat/Transfer supported programs

Microsoft Access (Versions 2.0 through Office XP version)
dBASE (all versions)
Delimited ASCII
Delimited ASCII with a Stat/Transfer SCHEMA file
Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Schemas New
Epi Info
Excel worksheets (all versions, including Excel 2013) New
Fixed format ASCII
GAUSS (Windows and Unix)
gretl New
JMP 10 New
MATLAB Seven Datasets
Minitab 14 (read only)
MPLUS (write only)
ODBC data sources (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc.)
Open Document Spreadsheets
OSIRIS (read-only)
Quattro Pro for DOS and Windows
S-PLUS (now supported through version 7)
SAS CPORT datasets and catalogs (read only)
SAS for Unix—HP, IBM, Sun
SAS for Unix—DEC Alpha
SAS for Windows and OS/2
SAS PC/DOS 6.04 (read only)
SAS Transport
SAS Value Labels
SAS version 7–9
SPSS through version 21  New
SPSS Datafiles (Windows and Unix)
SPSS Portable Files
Stata (all versions, including 13) New
Statistica versions 7–8 (Windows only)
Triple-S Survey Interchange Format

New in Stat/Transfer 12

Stat/Transfer version 12 has many new and improved features:

Stat/Transfer version 12 has added full support for the following formats:

Stat/Transfer features

Command processor features

Date/time support

User interface features

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