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Upgrade Stata quote request

We would be happy to send you a price quote.

Use the form below if you have Stata. If you do not already have Stata, request a quote for a new purchase.

  • Please fill out as much information as possible.
    This will help us to give you an accurate estimate and verify that the Stata package you chose is right for you.

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You may find your Stata serial number by typing about in Stata.

Describe the Stata package and license that you want

The Stata package I’m interested in is * (current release: 14)

If you are unsure, see Which Stata is right for me?

I need a license for*
just one person
a multiuser network
multiple people, but not a network
minimum of 25 people using 1 machine concurrently (available for MP16 and above)


When you choose to purchase the maintenance option, any new releases for the associated product that occur during the year will be sent to you at no extra charge.

Maintenance charges are yearly, and maintenance may be purchased only when you buy a new license or upgrade an existing one.

Include price of maintenance in my quote


Please also include the following number of Stat/Transfer users in my quote:

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