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Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 4 is now available

The electronic copy of Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 4 was emailed to subscribers on December 21, 2016. The printed copy will be mailed to subscribers in 2–3 weeks.

The table of contents for this issue is available at stata-journal.com/sj16-4.html. For additional information about the Journal, visit stata-journal.com. Subscriptions may be ordered online for those not currently subscribing.

Programs (ado-files and help files) from the Stata Journal can be installed on your machine from within Stata. If you have the current version of Stata and an Internet connection, type

     . net sj 16-4
and follow the displayed options and instructions.

You could also select SJ and User-written Programs from the Help menu. Select http://www.stata-journal.com/software from the resulting help window, then sj16-4, and follow the on-screen options and instructions.

For more details, see the Stata Journal FAQ.





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