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Training courses: November 13, 2015

Network Analysis in Stata

The field of social network analysis is one of the most rapidly growing fields of the social sciences. Social network analysis focuses on the relationships that exist between individuals (or other units of analysis) such as friendship, advice, trust, or trade relationships. Network analysis is concerned with the visualization and analysis of network structures, as well as with the importance of networks for individuals' propensities to adopt different kinds of behaviors.

Up until now, researchers wishing to implement this type of analysis have been forced to use specialized software for network analysis. A new set of user-written commands (developed by Thomas Grund) are now available for Stata. This course introduces the so-called nwcommands, a software suite with over 90 Stata commands for social network analysis. The suite includes commands for importing, exporting, loading, saving, handling, manipulating, replacing, generating, visualizing, and animating networks. It also includes commands for measuring various properties of the networks and the individual nodes, for detecting network patterns and measuring the similarity of different networks, as well as advanced statistical techniques for network analysis including MR-QAP and ERGM.

General information:

Training courses will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday, November 13.

The course material includes handouts with the theoretical part, the dofile and databases for deployment all empirical applications and a temporary license of Stata Software 14 valid for 30 days the beginning of the course. Participants wishing to follow the empirical applications during the course must bring their own PC.

Students/PhD students must present a certificate of academic registration for the current year at the time of registration.

Enrollment is limited to 20 slots, with 5 of those reserved for students. To attend, register by November 2, 2015.





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