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Workshop: Visualization of Statistical Data Using Stata

Date: June 12, 2014
Venue: University of Hamburg
Van-Melle-Park 9
WP A514 (PC-Pool)
Hamburg, Germany
Instructor: Ulrich Kohler
Cost: €65
Price covers coffee, tea, and luncheons, and include VAT.

Visualization of statistical data can be very helpful, both for data analysis and for the presentation of the results of statistical analyses to a wider audience. To use graphs in a meaningful way, researchers must (1) pay attention to style rules for statistical graphs and (2) learn how to use Stata to create What-You-Get-Is-What-You-Want (WYGIWYW) graphs. The workshop discusses style rules for statistical graphs in general, and introduces the combination of resultssets and graph twoway to create arbitrary statistical graphs. Finally, the workshop discusses several ways to present the results of regression models and, particularly, the use of marginsplot.

Participants should have a basic understanding of Stata's graph command.


1 Design of statistical graphs
1.1 An introductory experiment
1.2 Towards a theory of graphical perception
2 Creating and changing graphs
2.1 graph twoway
2.2 Using graph twoway to plot resultssets
3 Plots for regression analysis
3.1 margins
3.2 Profile plots with marginsplot
3.3 Plotting coefficients


Ulrich Kohler is co-author of the textbook Data Analysis Using Stata and of several user-written commands. He is also an organizer of the German Stata Users Group meetings.





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