Workshop: Survey data analysis with Stata

Date: June 30, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue: Room RZ 0.07 Rechenzentrum (computer center), Feldkirchenstr. 21, 96052 Bamberg
Presenter: Jeff Pitblado
Jeff Pitblado is Associate Director, Statistical Software, at StataCorp.
Fees: €90 (workshop and meeting, €100)

The workshop covers how to use Stata for survey data analysis, assuming a fixed population. Knowledge of Stata is not required, but attendees are assumed to have some statistical knowledge, such as that typically gained in an introductory statistics course. We will begin by reviewing the sampling methods used to collect survey data and how they affect the estimation of totals, ratios, and regression coefficients. We will then cover the three variance estimators implemented in Stata’s survey estimation commands. Strata with a single sampling unit, certainty sampling units, subpopulation estimation, and poststratification also will be covered in some detail. Each of the following topics will be illustrated with an example in a Stata session:

  1. Sampling design characteristics
    • cluster sampling
    • stratified sampling
    • sampling without replacement
  2. Variance estimation
    • linearization
    • balanced repeated replication (BRR)
    • jackknife
  3. Special types of sampling units
    • Strata with a single sampling unit
    • Certainty units
  4. Restricted sample and subpopulation estimation
  5. Poststratification





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