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Stata software

Discover why Stata is the package of choice for data management and statistics.

Explore all of Stata’s features.

See the new features available in Stata 15.

Find the Stata package that best suits your needs.

Find out if Stata is compatible with your operating system.

Order Stata 15 or upgrade your copy of Stata.

Official resources

Search the frequently asked questions.

Download official software updates.

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff for answers to your questions (free to registered users).

Enroll in courses from web-based NetCourses to on-site training and public training sessions to learn Stata.

View the electronic copy of the Stata News.

Order books on statistics and Stata.

The Stata community

Join the independently-moderated official Stata forum.

Find information on upcoming meetings, or view proceedings of past meetings.

Learn about the peer-reviewed and indexed Stata Journal.

Purchase books about Stata and statistics by independent authors.

Explore tutorials, programs, and other resources available on the web.

Enroll in an independently sponsored Stata short course.





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