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Survey data analysis

Stata is the most complete software available for the statistical analysis of survey data.

Survey data requires special statistical techniques, and Stata is at the forefront in bringing those techniques to those who analyze survey data. Stata let’s you make proper inferences with data from complex surveys, including surveys with multistage designs, stratification, clustering, and sampling weights. In addition to means, totals, and ratios estimators, Stata provides over 40 regression-based estimators for survey data, including estimators for continuous outcomes, binary outcomes, ordered outcomes, multinomial outcomes, count outcomes, censored outcomes, models with sample selection, models with endogenous covariates, and models for survival data. Stata can perform linear and nonlinear hypothesis tests of the estimated parameters and can compute predictive margins to further analyze your fitted models.

With Stata, you describe your survey design once. After that, you simply prefix your Stata command with svy: (or select “Survey data estimation” in the dialog boxes), and Stata makes the correct statistical adjustments for your complex survey design.

Stata provides the five variance estimators for survey data—Taylor-series linearization (Huber/White/sandwich), balanced and repeated replications (BRR), survey bootstrap, survey jackknife, and successive difference replication (SDR). Stata also has facilities to support surveys that provide their own replicate weight variables. The survey bootstrap and SDR variance estimators require replicate weight variables.

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Stata is a complete integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics. To learn more, click here.

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