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Stata 12 documentation

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These manuals all cross-reference each other. All the manuals in the Stata documentation have a shorthand notation, such as [U] for the User's Guide and [R] for the Base Reference Manual.

The complete list of shorthand notations and manuals is as follows:

Notation Manual
[R] Base Reference Manual
[D] Data-Management Reference Manual
[G] Graphics Reference Manual
[XT] Longitudinal-Data/Panel-Data Reference Manual
[M] Mata Reference Manual
[MI] Multiple-Imputation Reference Manual
[MV] Multivariate Statistics Reference Manual
[P] Programming Reference Manual
[SEM] Structural Equation Modeling Reference Manual
[SVY] Survey Data Reference Manual
[ST] Survival Analysis and Epidemiological Tables Reference Manual
[TS] Time-Series Reference Manual
[U] User's Guide
[GSM] Getting Started with Stata for Mac
[GSU] Getting Started with Stata for Unix
[GSW] Getting Started with Stata for Windows
[I] Quick Reference and Index

Table of contents

Each manual has its own table of contents. The table of contents for the Base Reference Manual is located at the beginning of Volume 1.


The Quick Reference and Index contains a combined index for all the manuals and a subject table of contents for all the manuals, except the Mata Reference Manual. It also contains quick-reference information on many subjects, such as estimation commands.

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