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The Stata Survival Manual

$47.75 each

David Pevalin and Karen Robson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0-335-22388-6
Pages: 373; paperback
Price: $47.75

Comment from the Stata technical group

The Stata Survival Manual, by David Pevalin and Karen Robson, is a nicely written introduction to the practical use of Stata 10. The style is friendly and flows well, and the authors do not assume prior knowledge of Stata or statistical sophistication from the reader. Both Stata and statistical usage are explained throughout.

The authors step through the basics of using Stata, starting with basic usage of Stata and working through common data-management techniques for table and graph creation, analysis, and presentation of results. Special focus is given to working with categorical variables and building scales from instruments. The analysis sections detail how to fit interactions and explain them to nonstatistical audiences using graphs. Each chapter begins with a presentation of new tools in Stata and simple examples of their use. The tools are then applied in a “Demonstration Exercise” to an example that runs throughout the book. Thus the reader can learn new tools in a simple setting and see their use in an analysis on a real-life dataset from start to finish.

At several points in the book, especially in the chapters focusing on data management, the authors point out differences between Stata and SPSS for those making the transition from SPSS to Stata. While the authors focus on using do-files for reproducibility, they also show how to use the menus and dialog boxes for those accustomed to working in this fashion.

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