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A Short Introduction to Stata for Biostatistics (Updated to Stata 12)

$52.00 each

Michael Hills and Bianca L. De Stavola
Publisher: Timberlake
Copyright: 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0-9571708-0-3
Pages: 181; paperback
Price: $52.00

Comment from the Stata technical group

A Short Introduction to Stata for Biostatistics bridges the information gap between Stata’s Getting Started manual and Reference manuals by providing a more detailed introduction to the most often used analytic methods in biomedical research. Although the book is written specifically for biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and health professionals new to Stata, it is also useful for more-experienced users wanting more in-depth knowledge of both Stata commands and biostatistical issues. The book is hands on, intended to be used while working with Stata, and includes a CD-ROM containing the datasets and several author-written programs.

The first four chapters provide an overview of data entry and management commands, including those used to create, label, and drop variables and those used to sort observations. The next two chapters cover graphics. Then comes the bulk of the book, which details methods used in data description and analysis. Beginning with commands used to create frequency tables and summary statistics, the authors proceed to describe commands used for univariate and multivariate analyses, including linear regression, Poisson regression, logistic regression, survival data analysis (proportional hazards models and competing-risks models), and meta analysis. Included among the final chapters is a useful tutorial on report generation.

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