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An Introduction to Medical Statistics, Third Edition

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Martin Bland
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Copyright: 2000
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-263269-2
Pages: 405; paperback
Price: $52.00

Comment from the Stata technical group

An Introduction to Medical Statistics, Third Edition, by Martin Bland, is a great introductory statistics text for students in the medical sciences and is an ideal self-study text for medical practitioners. Bland covers both elementary and advanced (those that would be taught in a postgraduate course on medical statistics) concepts, clearly delineating the two. With the advent of the personal computer as a statistical calculator, a text such as this one becomes all the more important because it emphasizes concepts over formulas.

After introducing the text, Bland discusses the basic principles of experimental design, sampling, data summarization, and graphs. The text then focuses on probability theory and the normal distribution, yet this discussion is brief and to the point. The text then explains the standard inference for means and proportions, tests of significance, the t statistic, regression, and correlation, with an emphasis on how these topics relate to medical data. The remainder of An Introduction to Medical Statistics, Third Edition is devoted to advanced topics, such as rank statistics, cross-tabulations, survival data, standardized rates, sample-size calculations, logistic regression, and meta-analysis.

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