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Dynamic Analysis in the Social Sciences

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Emilio J. Castilla
Publisher: Emerald Publishing
Copyright: 2007
ISBN-13: 978-0-12-088485-8
Pages: 300; hardcover
Price: $79.50

Comment from the Stata technical group

Dynamic Analysis in the Social Sciences, by Emilio Castilla, introduces social-science students to longitudinal data analysis, cross-sectional time-series analysis, and survival analysis. Castilla assumes a minimal level of statistical knowledge and covers a broad range of topics aimed at familiarizing readers with a variety of methods. Many of the examples in the book use Stata.

After discussing the different types of data encountered by social scientists, Castilla gives a useful taxonomy of methods by data structure. A chapter on longitudinal data introduces the reader to methods for panel data, in which many individuals are observed for a few time periods, and methods for cross-sectional time series, in which some (a few or many) individuals are observed for many time periods. A chapter on event history introduces survival analysis.

A chapter on designing a research study and a chapter with applications show students how to design and implement social-science studies. Castilla is very instructive in his careful discussions about formulating hypotheses and interpreting results. The book's annotated bibliography is a good resource for finding in-depth treatments of the covered topics.

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